Creating A More Durable Product

Innovative Microcement that is 100% waterproof

Forcrete Ltd was founded with one goal in mind, to supply installers and end users with a premium quality, highly durable microcement that is 100% waterproof BEFORE the application of sealers, therefore meaning no more dark water marks and failed bathroom installations.

As the sister company of Fortis Coatings Ltd (, a long established, industry renowned, seamless surface installation company, it is safe to say microcement and resin finishes runs through our veins. Over the years we completed more than 20,000m2 worth of seamless, decorative flooring, using a vast range of products and systems.

One re-occurring theme throughout was that we were constantly being let down by inferior, poor quality microcements which have flooded the market in recent years. Common issues included:

  • Most products only being made waterproof by a very thin layer of Polyurethane sealer. Once this sealer fails or if damage occurs the micro cement acts like a sponge, soaking in water and resulting in major issues.
  • Standard cement-based systems providing very poor durability and compressive strength. Common issues being dents caused by furniture or even sometimes hoovers and baby chairs.
  • Manufacturers recommending substandard levels of preparation, claiming that the micro cement will bond to almost any surface. This is not the case and very high levels of preparation are required to ensure a high-quality application.
In a world seemingly full of manufacturers claiming they have the ‘best’ or ‘most durable’ microcement on the market, we like to think we are a little different. We openly ask customers to carry out their own tests using samples which can be purchased through our online shop. Scratch through the sealer and fully submerse in the sink overnight. We 100% guarantee that our microcement will never absorb water.

Examples of Forcrete Micro-Armour, when compared to another ‘market leading’ microcement product.

Do these common issues above look familiar? At Forcrete we can help. Every day we have skilled installers around the globe re-coating, poor quality, non-waterproof microcement with our products.

Feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to put you in touch with a trained Forcrete applicator.

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