Polished Concrete/Terrazzo Key Products




Two component, moisture tolerant epoxy resin primer for cementitious screeds, timber, tiles and most other surfaces. 

FORPRIME-DPM will provide suitable adhesion to almost all correctly prepared substrates and should be used where residual moisture may be present. 

Finish Coats


MICRO-LUX is a single component, trowel applied cementitious coating formulated from carefully selected premeasured materials such as cement and fine aggregates. Designed to create controllable seamless decorative finishes.


ROCK-CRETE is a single component polished topping, designed to create controllable seamless decorative finishes.


Two component water-based Polyurethane seal coat. Semi Matt finish, providing a durable, easy to maintain surface finish. 

FORSHIELD-2KWB is extremely user friendly with minimal risk of roller lines in the finished micro-cement surface. Suitable for all environments including bathrooms, worktops, floors and walls. 

A range of low emission eco-friendly oils available in matt, satin, or gloss. Food safe oils also available for worktops and exterior oils for outside. FORSHIELD-OIL be used as stand-alone protection straight onto the micro-cement or can be applied on top of polyurethanes as a maintenance coat. 

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